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Athletic Performance

Newport Physical Therapy we specialize not only helping athletes increase athleticism but the general population improve the likelihood that they reach their true athletic or exercise potential. Our system is an entirely individualized training program that will address faulty movement patterns, flexibility limitations, and other unique training needs. While we can appreciate your motivation to gain strength and power, our primary focus is, and will always be, injury reduction first and increasing athleticism second. It is imperative that we educate you on the proper mobility and stability protocols and the importance of attention to detail when executing an exercise program so that you can achieve the most benefit. Assuming you follow the training rules we lay out, you can take comfort in knowing you are in the best hand to reduce the risk of exercise related injury while achieving your athletic goals.

Mobility and Stability Assessment and Treatment - A Biomechanical Assessment

By evaluating your biomechanics, our Performance Therapists can identify the underlying impairments that may be preventing efficient form. In general, form breakdown occurs at the mechanical level, resulting in a deficiency in mobility or stability that have developed overtime. The biomechanical assessment will include a mobility assessment to analyze your range of motion, and stability assessment to measure your strength and stability. Typically, the area that is painful moves too much (i.e. is not stable) and requires strengthening and stability. This area that moves too much is almost always accompanied by adjacent joints, one or more areas, that do not move enough. So, to properly rehabilitate an injury you need to incorporate both mobility and stability exercises.

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