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Pilates, Yoga & Personal Training

At our studio you will receive personaized instruction in a friendly, supportive and non-competitive atmosphere designed to bring forth a sense of physical accomplishment. We are equipped with a full range of gym equipment and Pilates apparatus.  Our goal is to teach clients how exercise can benefit their body and we design programs for each client consisting of what they can do safely to achieve their goals. The benefits provided from training at The Studio at Newport Physical Therapy can help in the reduction of injuries, enhance athletic abilities and provide more efficient movement patterns to perform your daily activities with more ease and efficiency.

All of our instructors and trainers are very knowledgeable and in addition, have worked as aides to physical therapists. This allow them to utilize their experience working with injuries to modify exercise programs and provide a safe exercise environment. They also have the added benefit of receiving direction from our physical therapist to develop or modify an exercise program when needed. All of our Pilates instructors are comprehensively trained in Classical Pilates and our trainers have Physical Therapy Assistant, Kinesiology or Athletic Training degrees.

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or, if you prefer, email us at info@newportpt.com to schedule.

The Fitness 2-for-1 Introductory Offer can be used for either Pilates or personal training.  It is the ideal preparation to initiate you to our facility and begin your commitment to better health. No Matter your path, we recommend 2-3 sessions per week to establish consistency and maximize benefits. The Studio at Newport Physical Therapy is available Monday through Saturday to answer all of your questions and make every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

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