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What is TeleHealth?

TeleHealth is an alternative service that allows medical personel, including Physical Therapists, to meet with patients and assess their needs via phone or computer. This allows you to safely work towards your rehabilitation goals if you are unable to come to our facility. Exercises and patient education recommendations can be prescribed and sent to you through the telehealth platform; written, video or both.

How much is TeleHealth?

Most major health insurers cover TeleHealth visits and they are treated similar to a normal physical therapy visit. The co-pays and deductibles will apply within the guidelines of your insurance policy. If you would like you can contact us ahead of time and we can give you an estimate.

All commercial insurance companies are mandated in the state of California to offer physical therapy TeleHealth Services as of 3/20/2020.

TeleHealth is not as complicated as it appears!

After we receive your request, we will set a time followed by a link via email. You then wait for us to contact you at your scheduled time. It’s that easy!

Conact us by email  Info@newportpt.com

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